Short o Phonics Worksheets CVC Words

short o cvc words

short o cvc words

CVC short o words

These free printable pdf short o phonics CVC words worksheet activities are perfect for teaching and reviewing with your students their letters and sounding out words. The worksheets include a variety of phonic exercises.

We have a worksheet that is missing the medial letter, which is short i.  Then your student can practice reading the CVC words.   There is a CVC word worksheet with a simple word search, word bank, and space to practice writing each word.  There is also read, color, and find short a CVC word activities.  When your students are comfortable with decoding the short i CVC words, we have included a short story with short i words and a read and draw activity. While working on the short story and reading, it will be helpful to take a look at our kindergarten sight words and 1st grade sight words.

We also have an array of short cvc i worksheets and short ‘a’ worksheets!

And take a look at our CVC short ‘e’ worksheets!

short o cvc

Short O CVC Read and Draw

short o cvc words

Cvc short o words

Cvc short o words

CVC Short Vowel o Worksheet


CVC short O worksheet

CVC short 0

short o cvc story

short cvc o story

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