Short i Phonics Worksheets CVC Words

CVC Short Vowel I

CVC Short Vowel I

What is a Short i CVC Words?

A short i CVC word is a word that has a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern, with the vowel being the short “i” sound. Examples of short i CVC words include “pig,” “bin,” “lid,” and “win.”

These free printable pdf short i phonics CVC words worksheet activities are perfect for teaching and reviewing with your students their letters and sounding out words. The worksheets include a variety of phonic exercises.

We have a worksheet that is missing the medial letter, which is short i.  Then your student can practice reading the CVC words.   There is a CVC word worksheet with a simple word search, word bank, and space to practice writing each word.  There is also read, color, and find short a CVC word activities.  When your students are comfortable with decoding the short i CVC words, we have included a short story with short i words and a read and draw activity. While working on the short story and reading, it will be helpful to take a look at our kindergarten sight words and 1st grade sight words.

Why is It Important to Learn the  Short i CVC Words?

Learning short i CVC words is important for a few reasons:

1. Phonics: Short i CVC words are often some of the first words that young readers learn to read. By learning these words, children can start to understand the relationship between letters and sounds, which is a fundamental aspect of phonics.

2. Vocabulary: Short i CVC words are common in the English language, so knowing them helps children build their vocabulary and understand more of what they read.

3. Reading fluency: Once children have learned short i CVC words, they can start to read simple sentences and stories with greater fluency. This can help them build confidence in their reading abilities and encourage them to read more.

Overall, learning short i CVC words is an important step in developing strong reading skills.

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CVC Short Vowel i – 6

CVC short vowel i


CVC Short Vowel i – 4

CVC short i

CVC short i – 5

short I cvc

CVC Short Vowel i

cvc short i

CVC Short Vowel i -3

CVC short i story

_Short i #1 CVC Stories Reading

short i cvc words

CVC short i – 7


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