Short e Phonics Worksheets CVC

What are Short e Phonic Worksheets CVC?

Short e Phonic Worksheets CVC are worksheets designed to help children learn to read and write words with the short e sound. The worksheets focus on words with the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pattern, such as “bed”, “pet”, and “red”. These worksheets are typically used in early elementary classrooms and are a great way to introduce young learners to the basics of reading and writing. The worksheets can include activities such as tracing letters, writing words, and matching pictures to words.

These free printable pdf short e phonics CVC words worksheet activities are perfect for teaching and reviewing with your students their letters and sounding out words. The worksheets include a variety of phonic exercises.

We have a worksheet that is missing the medial letter, which is short e.  Then your student can practice reading the CVC words.   There is a CVC word worksheet with a simple word search, word bank, and space to practice writing each word.  There is also read, color, and find short a CVC word activities.  When your students are comfortable with decoding the short e CVC words, we have included a short story with short e words and a read and draw activity.

While working on the short story and reading, it will be helpful to take a look at our kindergarten sight words and 1st grade sight words.

We also have an array of short ‘a’ worksheets!


short e CVC

CVC Short e words

short e CVC words

short vowel e CVC words

cvc short e words

CVC short e words (1)

short e words cvc

short e words cvc

story cvc short e

story cvc short e

read and draw short e cvc

Read and draw short e cvc

All of the worksheets on are free and printable. Leave a comment and let us know how your student is doing with the worksheets.

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