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What are Days of The Week Printables?

As we all know the week is made up of seven days that are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Using days of the week printables is a great way to help your little ones learn how to write the names of the weekdays. Not only do they provide hands-on practice, but they can also increase their confidence as they trace each letter, eventually learning how to spell and recognize each day’s name with minimal prompting. Download the free printable PDF below and get started today!

Why Do We Teach Children the Days?

Children need to learn the days so that they can understand the concept of time and how it affects their day-to-day lives. Knowing the concept of the days helps children plan out their upcoming week, as well as other activities that may take place during that time. It also helps them recognize patterns, such as when school or other activities take place on certain days. Knowing the days also helps children become more organized and better prepared for their day-to-day tasks. While teaching your children about the days, you can focus on time also with our clock worksheets.

How Do Children Learn the Days of the Week?

Children learn the days by repetition. From a young age, parents and teachers alike use games, rhymes, and songs to help children remember the order of the days. For example, the popular phrase “Days of the Week Song” can help children remember the order of the days. Additionally, keeping a calendar visible in the home and talking about the days and activities can help children learn.

What Days of the Week Printables Do We Recommend?

The worksheet activities we recommend and share below include: tracing the days, putting them in order and working with yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The days of the week printables is an excellent introduction and review of the order, spelling and reading of the weekdays.

These are important calendar skills that are necessary for your students to master as they progress through early elementary school.

Click on the links below to see and print all of the worksheets. All of the worksheets on are free and printable.

Trace Days 1

Copy the days


Days worksheet 3

Days Worksheet 4

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