Clock Worksheets – Telling Time to the Hour

Telling time to the hour

Clock Worksheets free

Time to the hour Worksheet

Clock Worksheets are a wonderful way for your students to learn and practice telling time to the hour. Students are presented with analog clocks on each worksheet and are asked to match the clock to a choice of digital clocks or complete the blank clocks.

These telling time worksheets focus on time to the hour, an important skill to master. The pictures of the clocks are simple to read and show the time to the hour. In addition to using the worksheets, when the opportunity arises, have your child read clocks in their environment.  After your students have mastered telling time to the hour, you can have them learn telling time to the half an hour with our worksheets focus on that topic here. As always, all of the worksheets on are free and printable.

Clocks time to the hour

Colorful Simple Time Match Up Worksheet

Telling time to the hour

Time to the hour

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