Telling Time to the Hour – Match Digital to Analog

Telling time to the hour worksheets

Why Telling Time to the Hour Worksheets Are a Great Way to Learn the Clock?

Telling time worksheets are helpful when teaching children the clock. Being able to tell time helps people stay organized and on-schedule.  Knowing the time can help them plan their day, manage their time more efficiently, and avoid being late for appointments. Additionally, it can help people stay on task and focused by providing a sense of structure and order. Knowing the time can also be beneficial in terms of safety. People can be aware of when it is getting dark or when they need to leave a certain place before it gets too late. Finally, learning to tell time can help people develop their math skills, as it involves counting and understanding how numbers work together.

How to Teach Telling Time?

Depending on the age of the child, you can use different methods to help them learn how to tell time. For younger children, you can use a clock with movable hands and have them practice setting the hands to different times. You can also use analog clocks with numbers and have them practice matching the numbers to the hands. For older children, you can use digital clocks and have them practice reading the numbers on the clock. You can also have them practice setting alarms or timers to help them understand how to tell time. Additionally, you can use games or activities to help reinforce their understanding of telling time.

Why Are These Worksheets Helpful?

On the worksheets below, students are presented with six analog clocks on each worksheet and they are asked to match the clock to a choice of two digital clocks. These worksheets focus on time to the hour, an important skill to master. The pictures of the clocks are simple to read and show the time to the hour.

In addition to using the worksheets, when the opportunity arises, have your child read clocks in their environment.  After your students have mastered telling time to the hour, you can have them learn to tell time to the half an hour with our worksheets. As always, all of the worksheets on are free and printable.

Telling Time to the Hour


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