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What are Sight Words?

We have sight words worksheets that are helpful for students to learn to read these commonly used words in the English language. While they are commonly used they are not easy to sound out. These words are also known as high-frequency words, and need to be quickly understood even when they don’t follow normal spelling patterns. These words typically appear in a school curriculum or in a list of commonly used words, and they are often studied in order to facilitate quick, accurate reading. Common sight words are short, simple words such as ‘the’, ‘is’, ‘and’, ‘in’, and ‘it’.

Why are Sight Word Worksheets Important?

Sight word worksheets are important because they help build a child’s reading and writing skills. Sight words are words that a child reads or sees often, so providing them with a worksheet of these words helps them become more familiar with these words. Sight words are often used in everyday language, and having a strong familiarity with them can help a child become a better reader and writer. By providing a child with a sight word worksheet, they can become more familiar with these words, thus helping them with reading and writing. These words are commonly used but hard to sound out. By providing worksheet activities it makes it fun and the repetition is helpful to the student.

We have several worksheets with the sight words found in reading passages and corresponding questions. The reading is grade level and the questions have multiple choice answers to make it easier for both the teacher and student.

Make reading and learning fun for the students by using these worksheets.

2nd Grade Worksheets

2nd grade sight words_reading_questions_1

Here is another story the students may like.

2nd grade sight word reading_quest_2

And a 3rd story for homework?

2nd grade sight words reading quest_3

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