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What is Printable Lined Paper?

Children need to use lined paper to help them practice their handwriting and make it easier to keep their writing neat. The lines help keep the letters uniform in size and shape, which makes it easier to read. Additionally, the lines help children write in a straight line, which can help them form their words properly. Using lined paper also allows children to easily keep track of where they are in their writing, so they know what comes next. Finally, lined paper can help children practice their spacing and make sure that their writing looks neat and organized.

What Types of Lined Paper are There?

There are several types of lined paper available, including college-ruled, wide-ruled, and graph paper. College-ruled paper has 8.7 mm spacing between lines, while wide-ruled paper has 11 mm spacing between lines. Graph paper, as the name suggests, is paper with a grid pattern, usually with squares of equal size. It is used for writing, sketching, and mathematical calculations. Middle school children tend to like the wide-ruled paper while high school children and older use the college-ruled paper. 

If you are looking for lined paper below you will find lined paper in a PDF. It is easy to print and it is available to download for free. This lined paper PDF has horizontal lines and a red vertical line that acts as a margin. Paper size: US Letter. Document width and height: 8.5 x 11 inches.

This is a basic template, but we also have printable lined paper for kids!  We have the printable lined paper using the standard portfolio orientation with the familiar 3 line layout (top, bottom and dashed mid-line), with three options. You can make it fun for the child with the cartoon sun added to the page, you can have a more professional version for school – where they can write their name or you can have just the lines on the paper. Whatever option you choose, these sheets are perfect for primary grade students learning how to do basic block printing and cursive letter forms.

We also have many tracing worksheets, take a look here.

printable lined paper


All of the worksheets on are free and printable.

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