2 Digit Addition – With Carrying

What is 2 Digit Addition With Carrying?

2-digit addition with carrying is a math method that introduces carrying, or carrying a numeral from one column to the next. In two-digit addition with carrying, a number must be added to the ones column before adding to the tens column so the sum of the ones column has to be equal to or less than 10. For example, when adding two numbers such as 9 and 5, the sum of the ones column is 14. To solve this problem, 4 is written in the ones column and the remaining 1 is carried to the tens column and added to the existing number there. Thus, the answer is 14.

The worksheets below consist of 20 equations of two-digit addition with the possibility of regrouping.

 Using these worksheets is a great way introduce and practice 2-digit addition with your students. Each of our free worksheets come with an answer key. These math worksheets are a wonderful resource for the classroom, remote learning and homeschooling.

This is an effective and fun way to introduce and reinforce addition skills. All of the worksheets on AcademyWorksheets.com are free and printable.

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