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What are Digraphs?

Digraphs are a combination of two letters which form a single sound. They are commonly found in the English language and can be spelled with two or more letters. Examples include ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’, and ‘wh’. Knowing about digraphs can greatly improve your reading and writing skills.

How to Teach Digraphs to Children?

To teach digraphs to students, it is important to focus on the sounds that make up words. A digraph is a combination of two letters that make one sound, such as “sh” in “ship” or “th” in “cloth”. There are a few methods you can use to effectively teach the concept to students. First, introduce the most common combination of leeters, such as “sh”, “th”, “ch”, and “wh”, and explain the sounds that they make. Then, provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice identifying and using these in words and sentences.

You can use games, such as memory or go fish, to make learning fun and engaging. Finally, be sure to reinforce the skills by having students read books or passages that contain digraphs so they can see them in context. With practice and repetition, students will quickly become proficient in using and recognizing digraphs in their reading and writing.

Students need to learn this skill in order to develop their reading and spelling skills. Understanding these letter combinations helps students decode words and recognize spelling patterns, which improves their overall literacy abilities.

Digraph Word List:
– sh: ship, shell, shop, shed, shirt
– ch: cherry, chick, cheese, chair, church
– th: thumb, think, thick, thank, bath
– wh: when, whale, whip, wheel, white
– ph: phone, photo, graph, dolphin, alphabet

We have a number of worksheets to make learning about the concept fun. Find the worksheets below.

Engage your students in using and understanding digraphs as they come up with words that contain common consonant digraphs in this fun activity.

early literacy printable

Phonics Digraph wh



Ch Digraph sound

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