Free Addition Word Problems 1-2 digit Sums to 99

2 digit Addition Word Problems These math word problems involving the addition of one and two digit numbers with no carrying. Sums are less than 100. Addition is one of the most fundamental operations in math, laying the groundwork for more advanced concepts. Working with single and double-digit numbers, up to 99, is a crucial […]

Free Addition Word Problems – Single Digit Worksheets

Addition Word Problems Free Addition Word Problems – Single Digit We have some helpful free addition word problems – single digit worksheets for children who are learning to master these mathematical skills. These mathematical problems involve adding two single digit numbers in a real-life context, with sums to 9. These word problems help students develop […]

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

We have these addition and subtraction word problems to help your student determine if they should add or subtract. These worksheets include single-digit addition and subtraction word problems. The theme is based on cats, also know as Cathematics! Have your children read each problem, then have them determine if they need to use addition or […]

Division Word Problems PDF – Single Digit

Why Division Word Problems Matter Division might seem like the villain in the world of math problems, but it’s actually a superhero in disguise! While mastering division can feel tricky, using Division Word Problems is a secret weapon for building strong problem-solving skills in your child. Div Word Problems Why Division Word Problems Matter for […]

Multiplication Word Problems PDF – Single Digit

Multiplication Word Problems What are Multiplication Word Problems? The multiplication word problems pdf you can find below are a great way to introduce the concept of  word problems. Multiplication word problems are mini stories, usually 3 sentences, where you need to solve an issue. . These problems are often presented in a short 3 sentence […]


Addition is one of the first math concepts taught to elementary school students and is essential for building a strong foundation in mathematics. Learning addition helps students develop their number sense, which is the ability to understand and manipulate numbers. It also helps them improve their problem-solving skills, as they learn how to break down […]

Division Practice Pages – Build a Strong Math Foundation

Division Practice Pages: Building a Strong Math Foundation Division practice pages are a great tool for students to learn the challenging math concept. These worksheets focus on single-digit division problems (from 1 to 10), helping children to understand this sometimes difficult concept. Why are the Practice Pages Important? Repetition is the key to mastering basic […]

Counting Dimes Worksheet – Learn to Count Money

How Much Dimes Worksheet Counting Dimes Worksheet As parents and educators, we understand the importance of teaching essential life skills to our little learners. One such skill is learning to count money. 2nd and 3rd-grade children will find this counting dimes worksheet a great opportunity to practice their math skills, while also learning the value […]

The Best Value of Coins Worksheet – Counting Nickels

Values of Coins Worksheet – Counting Nickels How Much Nickels Worksheet As parents and educators, it’s essential to teach children about the value of coins as they begin to explore the world of money. In this blog post, we will focus on nickels, an important building block for understanding different coins, and their values. In […]